Safe Gambling Online

Many people around the globe truly enjoy the excitement and fascination provided by gambling, and today with NZ online casino sites 2018 they may dive deeper into their passion without even leaving their homes. Yet, the overwhelming majority of the players are aware of various web frauds and tend to be extremely cautious about their finances.  So what platform should you trust, and what are the methods of securing your money when gambling online?

How Do Online Casino Platforms Protect Your Money?

Each country has an online gambling policy, and each company must acquire a gambling commission license in order to participate in online casino business. Players must understand that their funds are not protected by the government, but solely by the online platform. There are chances that the gambling company will become bankrupt, hacked, or closed for any other reason. Players must thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the casino that they plan to use, and choose the one which offers the best protection policies. Keep in mind that some licenses are granted to casinos, while other can simply be bought, so obviously the first type is preferrable.

Online casino fund protection policies are subdivided into three categories:

  • Basic
  • Medium
  • High

Basic protection is the category according to which the money of the players is under the platform’s control. In case of company’s bankruptcy, there will be no refund at all. Medium protection is the category under which the funds of players are held on a separate virtual financial account, like eWallet. In this case, players will most likely receive a refund if the gambling company is closed for whatever reason.

Lastly, the high level protection policy suggests that the funds of the player are held on a separate account, controlled by a third party, so in this case the refund is guaranteed. Moreover, such accounts have passed PCI DSS inspection, have a secure socket layer which protects the player’s private data, and have verified Visa and MasterCard secure codes. Furthermore, online gambling platforms that offer the highest security levels are heavily armed against fraud themselves. Gambling platforms may suffer hacking attacks, that is why they install anti-fishing systems, and have secure and encrypted data for their own sake in the first place.

All in all, the only way to protect your finances during online gambling is to choose the right platform. Although registration fees, monthly fees or any other terms may be less profitable for the player, yet they should certainly choose the company with the high level of protection policy.  The advantages are obvious. If you choose the right platform, you won’t have to worry about your finances and you’ll be able to receive a refund in any case.

Roulette Gambling Rules

Roulette is a gambling game which originates either from China or France. It became increasingly popular in the 17th century and remains a major game in any casino up to this day. Roulette is a wheel with a diameter of about 36 inches. It is divided into cells which are enumerated from one to 36 in an arbitrary sequence, and are painted in black and red, and the number 0 cell is painted green. The players place bets, either on the number or the color. The croupier spins a small ball which rotates around the Roulette 3 times and lands on a certain figure. The player who predicted the color or the number of the cell where the gaming ball has landed wins the bet. There are 3 main types of Roulette:

  • American
  • European
  • French

Overall, all three types are more or less equally popular.

American Roulette

American Roulette is designed for six players. All of the players have a specific color of their chips, which are placed on a certain number or color. Separate chip color makes the gaming process and the award receiving easier. The one distinguishing feature of the American Roulette is that it has two “zero” cells, a double zero section is added to the wheel, this increases the revenue of the casino by 5.3%. American Roulette has a surrender rule, where only the half “fair chances bet” on a zero cell is null.

European Roulette

This type is the most popular Roulette in online casinos, and many gambling platforms offer bonuses to new players if they decided to gamble at the European Roulette. At this type of Roulette, all players have the same chips, which differ only by their value. The cells are from one to 37, also black or red, but there is only one zero section, which increases the chances of winning a bet for the player. It has the “En Prison” rule where “fair chances bet” on a zero cell are left for the second game.

French Roulette

This type of game is conventional and very close to the European Roulette type. The sum of the award depends on the bet, for there is a maximum and a minimum bet on each section. The rest is virtually the same: the number of sections, one zero cell, universal chips and six players in an online gambling platform.

All in all, the Roulette is an exciting breathtaking game which is loved by many gamblers. The rules are quite simple, and often the chances of winning are high. If you do not trust sheer luck, you may try to use different mathematical equations and formulas to increase your chances of winning fortunes in the game of Roulette.

Particularities Of Playing Blackjack At Online Casinos

Blackjack is a card game that is one of the most popular among players. It is also one of the most interesting ones. Many people perceive this game as a risky one, but also as the most worthy of one’s time. For them it is the game as any other, and those who are experienced in Blackjack may be really passionate about that.

If you want to succeed in it you have to apply strong statistical analysis. This card game is based on mathematical principles. However, overall playing Blackjack offline and online differ in a considerable way.

Advantages Of Playing Blackjack Online

Today online gambling is more than popular. It provides several advantages to players.

  1. You can play it from anywhere.
  2. You can make calculations and use needed strategy correctly while playing. That is especially important if you play Blackjack online. If you do not use strategies, you will lose the game.

Today online gambling houses offer unique gaming experience. You can play online but with real dealers. That is a great option if you prefer blackjack. In such an online version cards will be served by real dealers. You will see them due to video streaming.

At the same time you can stay at home and play from home. Such a combination of real and virtual approach to blackjack helps to achieve effectiveness in gaming.

What Is Similar And Different Between Real And Virtual Blackjack

Blackjack online will be quite similar to real casino gaming. If you chose to play with live dealer, the game will be almost the same as in real settings.

Live streaming is available in HD quality. You will really enjoy such an approach. One basic difference between online and real blackjack is the next. You can play at multi-seat tables in online version. That can be classic seven players table or smaller. Dealer in online version can play against many players.

Other blackjack principles keep being the same. The players aim to win against the dealer using the fewest cards possible. However, the live dealer Blackjack somewhat provides the atmosphere of the real casino with music, communication, and interaction with other players.

Blackjack is a fine game to experience. It is excellent for risky people. You will surely enjoy playing it. Virtual casinos continue developing new versions of classic games. Try them! The probability you like them is high.

The Main Difference between Traditional and Online Casino Poker Games

Are there any fundamental differences between playing poker offline with your friends or online in the Internet casino? Yes, there are a lot of differences when it comes to playing live and online, especially when we’re talking about poker. Why? And how does it reflect the flow of the game?

Let’s find out.

Online vs Offline Poker: What’s the Difference?

Comparing online and offline poker, the very first thing that comes to mind is the speed of the game. When playing in online casino, you can play up to 70-90 hands per hour for each table. So, if you’re playing a couple of tables, you’re seeing hundreds or even thousand hands per hour. Contrary to this, offline casino can offer you only up to 40 hands per hour.

The next difference is about the ability to use some specific tools and software to save the games and analyze the current game situation of the opponents you’re playing with. In real poker, you are limited to making mental notes only and being very attentive at the moment if you don’t want to lose the pace of the game.

The degree of difficulty in both games is also very different. Usually, the online poker version is much easier than the offline one. As there are a lot of casual players, thus the bet sizing is different too. And you can’t physically see the opponents you are playing with. Playing offline helps to develop your social intuition, as the people you’re playing with are right there in front of you. It helps to develop the intellectual side of poker and analytical skills faster.

There are certain things in the game, which you are able to do offline, but can’t apply them on the Internet. You can make certain plays and reads only offline and go with some basic gaming patterns online. Sometimes, even the best poker players can’t show their wonderful gaming skills, when putting them onto online platform, and vice versa.

Another difference is money. Money aspect is the main difference between online and live poker games. While real poker requires a couple of hundred dollars in a good casino, an online version asks for an absolute minimum to play. You don’t have to go to the actual casino. Just sit at a live poker table wherever you are and start the game. That’s all.

Generally speaking, it is very useful for your gaming experience to go back and forth between those two types of poker to develop very different skills and work more on different aspects of the game. This really works well for developing yourself both as a beginner and advanced player.

So, let’s sum up everything mentioned above. The most significant differences are:

  • Speed;
  • Additional software vs mental notes;
  • Degree of difficulty;
  • Analytical skills development;
  • Financial aspect.

But the final decision is always up to you.

Unique Experience Of Playing Online With Real Dealers

Online gambling gets more popular each day. Today the profits from this business get bigger and bigger. Many players enjoy playing online. It is more private than playing at real casino houses. Gamblers can concentrate on choosing the right strategy to win.

Real casinos propose a very different atmosphere. They are more noisy and crowded. They suit well experienced gamblers more. For such people gaming is not only a way to earn some money. It is a way of full-fledged entertainment and leisure time.

Benefits Of Playing Online With Real Dealers

Today gambling industry learnt to combine the best practices of real and virtual casinos. The players can play online with real dealers. That brings unique experience.

Online gambling by itself enables a person to:

  1. Enjoy gaming at the most comfortable place. Many people prefer gambling from home. They can easily do it, playing on a computer or a mobile phone.
  2. Strategise. Whatever game you play, it needs to be led by strategic choice. It is not easy to define one. The majority of strategies are based on mathematical analyses. For freshmen they is not easy to employ. The gambler needs to concentrate. In quiet and cosy atmosphere at home it is easier to do than in real casino houses.

However, often people feel quite tired of playing online. Virtual gaming does not involve interaction, and some people want entertainment and communication. Even if a gambler plays together with other players, virtuality does not enable eyes contact and body language.

In order to make gambling a truly inspiring experience, gamblers are proposed to play online but with real dealers. The gaming session is possible via the video streaming. Today technology enables HD quality of the video streaming.

Playing this way will guarantee the gambler does not lose the connection with reality. One more important advantage of such an approach to gaming is that player still can experience various new games available only at virtual casinos. Lately, there appeared new types of roulette games. No-zero roulette is a fine example.

New Ways To Play

Online casinos develop modern versions of classic games to attract clients attention. They offer great welcoming bonuses and big prizes. A possibility to play online with real dealers is still present. It enables a player to receive more advanced gaming experience.

Such online gambling option dominates the market. The research shows that people prefer to experience online gaming with real dealers rather than regular online gaming. It brings more psychological comfort and offers communication. The majority of virtual casinos already offer such a gaming proposal. Very soon it will be available at every online casino. The more technology develops, the more complex every product becomes.

The most important issue about playing with live dealers is that the player does not feel like sitting alone in his room and playing with a senseless machine. Gambling, after all, is entertainment and fun, but for some people speechless screen may be disappointing. In such a case, live dealers come to the rescue, offering both more lively gambling, and at the same time providing necessary communication.

Another advantage of live dealers concerns the newbie players who are not so experienced yet in all the nuances of the game. A live dealer can explain the rules of the game more comprehensively, answer questions, and perhaps give some advice on how to play.


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